Utilization of biodegradable kitchen wastes into organic fertilizer using earthworms essay

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Organic Fertilizer Made by Earthworm Waste

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Organic Waste Disposal and Recycling in Australia

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How to Convert Kitchen Waste Into Organic Fertilizer Using a Compost Bin

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Essay about Utilization of Biodegradable Kitchen Wastes Into Organic Fertilizer Using Earthworms Utilization of Biodegradable Kitchen Wastes into Organic Fertilizer Using Earthworms * Abstract One of the effective means to at least lessen the occurrence of our present garbage disposal problem is through the use of methods that are non-toxic.

Degradation of organic waste into compos t under natural conditions normally takes about six months whereas the bio conversion of organic waste biodegradable wastes like cooked food wastes, leftover pulses, rice, pickle and vegetables, fruit peelings, tea leaves, ash, paper species of earthworms on kitchen waste revealed that Octolasion.

It was concluded that organic kitchen wastes can be converted into a competitive organic fertilizer using Lumbricus terrestris. The organic fertilizer produced by using earthworms can compete in terms of nutrient contents with other organic fertilizers.

2. kitchen waste biodegradable Separating the wastes into biodegradable, non-biodegradable and Decreasing the over use of fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture c) Disposing the industrial wastes properly.

d) Growing and maintaining plants that absorb some of the pollutants. Visit eBay for great deals on a huge selection high phosphorus fertilizer.

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Instead, it will go to work at creating healthy soil and reducing amount of water runoff. Several very effective composting methods are available for domestic use, with vermi-composting (using worms) being particularly effective at quickly converting kitchen waste into good quality garden compost.

Utilization of biodegradable kitchen wastes into organic fertilizer using earthworms essay
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