Use of synthetic fibres should be encouraged in place of animals fibers

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What are the properties and uses and advantages and disadvantages of synthetic fibers?

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Natural fiber

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Synthetic fiber

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Synthetic fibers (British English: synthetic fibres) are fibers made by humans with chemical synthesis, Nylon, the first synthetic fiber in the "fully synthetic" sense of that term, was developed by Wallace Carothers, an American researcher at the chemical firm DuPont in the s.

Yes, the use of synthetic fibres should be encouraged in place of animal fibres. This is because synthetic fibres are manufactured from petrochemicals, so no animal has to be killed for making the other hand, animal fibres are made from animal skin which requires killing of animals.

Use of synthetic fibres should be encouraged in place of animal fibers please give the answer.

What are the properties of synthetic fibers?

Why use of synthetic fibers should be encouraged in place of animal fibers? because animal fibres are made up of animals skin and thats why many animals are killed so we should use synthetic.

Use of synthetic fibres should be encouraged in place of animals fibers
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