Stundet attendance monitoring system using swipe card technology

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US university introduces electronic monitoring of student attendance

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Student Attendance System Using Fingerprint Essay

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Regardless of the viewer, your tracking software will provide to accommodate all the data you think recorded. This attendance monitoring system uses RFID technology where student has to swipe RFID card along with his fingerprint to mark the attendance as depicted in Fig.

5. An android application is developed through which system can be accessed from any remote location and record of any student. Depending on the technology used on your ID cards, a variety of easy to use readers can be implemented in an attendance tracking system.

• ID Card Printer - Every employee or student needs a unique identifier to be tracked by. An ID card printer allows you to create cards that are secure and customized to your business needs. US university introduces electronic monitoring of student attendance Student swipe cards - necessary documentation or Orwellian surveillance?

There are ways to use technology. Attendance Monitoring. Your UCLan card is used to register your attendance in class.


Most teaching rooms will have electronic card readers outside, if this is one of the rooms in which your teaching event is taking place you must pass your UCLan card across the front of the electronic card reader; this records your presence in that room at that time.

Swipe is an innovative program for schools that improves student attendance and accountability Follow Us Enter Swipe K12—a revolutionary student monitoring system, which helps school administration ensure that kids stay in school and attend their classes.

Swipe K12 ensures that each student is given an ID card with which they would. Secured Infrastructure Development For Educational University Using Servers, Firewalls And Biometric Devices words - 29 pages that system.

As we have to swipe or touch in our student id card, our information is centralised, we can read notes online from where ever we want and whenever we want.

Stundet attendance monitoring system using swipe card technology
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