Reflective essay on breaking bad news to patients nursing essay

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June 24, My raising story from January 2. Nov 12,  · Breaking bad news is the duty of the physicians, but nurses may play an important role in delivering news to patients and their companions, and should therefore be trained in the clinical and communication skills that are necessary for doing so.

My Nursing Portfolio Essay. Reflection Nursing reflection, whether in research, teaching or clinical practice has increasingly become a cornerstone of nursing professionalism. My greatest concern was conveying the bad news to her. Speck, et. al. () suggest that breaking bad news is never easy, it can shatter hopes, dreams and lead.

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Approximately 60% of respondents indicated that they broke bad news to patients from 5 to 20 times per month and another 14% more than 20 times per month. These data suggest that, for many oncologists, breaking bad news should be an important communication skill.

Breaking Bad News 83 Doctors’Perspective When bad news is broken insensitively, it can have a long-lasting effect on the recipient. Research has shown that once the news of a result or diagnosis is given, patients tend to miss any information that might follow, perhaps focusing instead on the immediate implications of what they have just.

For Parkes, breaking the bad news although this can be painful, allows the dying person and family to begin to prepare for loss (Parkes & Weiss ).

He argues that anticipatory grief is less severe than grief due to unexpected death (Parkes & Weiss ).

Reflective essay on breaking bad news to patients nursing essay
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