Optimization of benchmark functions using vts abc algorithm

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Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society

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Gbest-guided artificial bee colony algorithm for numerical function optimization

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This results in a significant improvement in the performance in terms of solution quality and convergence speed. In order to demonstrate the performance of the CABC algorithm, we compared the performance of the CABC with those of ABC, PSO, and CPSO optimization algorithms on several benchmark functions.

Finally, with regard to composition functions F23–F30, TLABC shows the best performance on most of functions. It also outperforms the ABC algorithms on most of functions. In summary, TLABC shows the best overall performance on the unimodal functions, hybrid functions, and composition functions.

Test functions for optimization

In this paper, the performance of the SLO is compared with that of the genetic algorithm, particle swarm optimization, and artificial bee colony algorithms by using five numerical benchmark functions. The experimental results tested on a set of numerical benchmark functions show that GABC algorithm can outperform ABC algorithm in most of the experiments.

Karaboga [7] recently invented a new kind of optimization algorithm called artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm for numerical function optimization. A set of experimental results on. ARTIFICIAL BEE COLONY ALGORITHM, ITS VARIANTS AND APPLICATIONS: A SURVEY.

1,3. initially measured using benchmark optimization function. The major advantages which ABC holds over other optimization algorithms include its: • Simplicity, flexibility and robustness [6.

Optimization of benchmark functions using vts abc algorithm
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