Ergonomics in assembly line

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Workstation solutions

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Assembly Line Ergonomics Suppliers

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Industry Guidelines & Tools. Do you know of an ergonomics guideline that's not on the list? Or are you interested in creating comprehensive ergonomics guidelines for your industry here in Washington State?

A Window of Opportunity for Ergonomics on the Assembly Line

Please let us know by sending an email to [email protected] Depending on your assembly line needs, Formaspace will customize your assembly workstation by adding upper and lower level storage compartments. Options include upper and lower shelves at varying depths, closed cabinets, open cubbies, tool drawers, as well as box and file drawers.

How much can ergonomics make a difference in productivity and preventing injury? A lot, it turns out. Sincefor example, Ford has reduced its assembly line injury rate by 70% by applying ergonomics research to assembly improvements and lift-assist technologies. “An Ergonomics Study on Assembly Line Workstation Design” American Journal of Applied Sciences 8 (11): ISSN, [2].

Ravikumar Kamble, Vinayak Kulkarni “ Productivity improvement at assembly station using work study techniques”. Many workers faded mentally on the assembly line because the workplace allowed for no individuality or change.

It was the same schedule everyday with little to no difference in. Jul 27,  · Assembly line workers, engineers and management recognized job risk factors and cooperatively planned a new assembly line.

Workers now use pneumatic tools to open clamps and lift heavy appliances to reduce awkward postures and static (constant) exertion forces.

Ergonomics in assembly line
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