Developing marketing strategy using sostac model

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Business Planning and Marketing Strategy

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For my money, the SOSTAC® marketing planning model is the model I use the most when developing marketing plans.

First, let's begin by defining what SOSTAC is: What is SOSTAC®?SOSTAC® is a marketing planning model, originally developed in the s to help with marketing planning by PR Smith, who together with Dave Chaffey co-authored Emarketing Excellence.

Mar 03,  · Developing a Marketing Strategy for a Multinational Company March 3, admin Explore the Internet to find a multinational company that has products that you enjoy building new consumer products for.

SOSTAC focuses on the six most important elements of any business SOSTAC is an acronym for these six elements: That may look intimidating at first glance. But, each element asks a simple question and provides an easy starting point.


Sep 08,  · Therefore, Smith () create SOSTAC, a straightforward model that goes systematically through the steps to build a marketing plan, and helps to ensure that all relevant factors are considered, without the need to go into excessive and expensive detail. Core Organisational Strategy Development.

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SOSTAC Model Of Marketing – step by step

Also be mindful that if using the SWOT analysis model. PR Smith's SOSTAC marketing planning model stands for Situation analysis, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Action, Control.

SOSTAC ® was voted the third most popular model in the CIM poll on marketing models.

Developing marketing strategy using sostac model
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