An analysis of the use of creatine by athletes

An Overview of Creatine Supplements

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The use of creatine supplementation as an ergogenic aid has increased among athletes of modalities in which muscular mass and power are decisive for performance (,5), especially in activi. Creatine is one of the most popular nutritional ergogenic aids for athletes. Studies have consistently shown that creatine supplementation increases intramuscular creatine concentrations, can improve exercise performance, and/or improve training adaptations.

A survey of 21, college athletes showed that 14% of athletes take creatine supplements to improve performance. Use of creatine by healthy adults in normal dosages does not harm kidneys; A meta-analysis found that creatine treatment increased muscle strength in muscular dystrophies.

Creatine. The use of creatine by athletes has caused much controversy, with many calls for its use to be prohibited.

Creatine supplementation with specific view to exercise/sports performance: an update

The only justification for this seems to be that it is effective in improving performance: if this is the basis for banning it, then training should also be banned. Cost – benefit analysis of supplement use.

Athletes use. Scientific basis and practical aspects of creatine supplementation for athletes: Link: Meta-analysis: Creatine supplementation does not affect clinical health markers in football players.

Link: Effects of creatine use on the athlete's kidney. Link: Essay about The Use of Creatine in Sports.

Prevalence of Dietary Supplement Use by Athletes: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Words 17 Pages. Show More. The procedure is done the night before the urinary analysis. Though it seems to be popular at Creatine in Athletes As more and more people are playing professional, collegiate and high school sports each year (Debate), the competition for playing time has become.

An analysis of the use of creatine by athletes
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