Adolescents and the use of performance

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Mobile Phone Radiation May Affect Memory Performance in Adolescents

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Performance-Enhancing Drug Use in Adolescence

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Use of Performance-Enhancing Substances

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Performance-enhancing substances (PESs) are used commonly by children and adolescents in attempts to improve athletic performance. More recent data reveal that these same substances often are used for appearance-related reasons as well. PESs include both legal over-the-counter dietary supplements and illicit pharmacologic.

Adolescents use dietary supplements to increase sports performance and improve immunity

Greater quantity of marijuana use was associated with poorer performance on tests of visual learning and memory, executive functioning, and psychomotor speed, and greater duration of use was associated with compromised visuospatial reproduction.

Although adolescents who use marijuana heavily demonstrate decrements compared to non. Adolescents in developed countries frequently use dietary supplements despite a lack of knowledge about possible harmful effects or drug interactions. Often males turn to dietary supplements in an.

Adolescents use dietary supplements to increase sports performance and improve immunity Date: November 8, Source: Elsevier Summary: Adolescents in developed countries frequently use dietary.

Smartphones are killing teenagers' memories, study says

Adolescent substance use needs to be identified and addressed as soon as possible. Drugs can have long-lasting effects on the developing brain and may interfere with family, positive peer relationships, and school performance.

Adolescents in developed countries frequently use dietary supplements despite a lack of knowledge about possible harmful effects or drug interactions.

Adolescents and the use of performance
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